Thursday, 28 February 2013

One Step Closer to the New Era of Wargame Scenery

       As we've been stupidly busy as of late with Sci-Fi figures, (It's a lot more stressful then it sounds - Promise!) we haven't had as much time to tell you all about our latest project. Remember in my first blog where I talked about those hard plastic building kits. (Right at the end. After the dinosaur and all the introductions.) Well if not he's a link. Even if it is shamelessly put in for a few more viewings!

      Anyway, we're now in a position to offer a glimmer of what we're going to offer as our first product. Which, as you'll be pleased to find out is a building kit! Now we're not stupid. We know there are lots of these available to the war-gamer. So, why bother entering the most saturated Wargame scenery market?Because we're going to do it differently! 
     Now! We know when you buy a regular model building kit for wargame scenery that there are a lot of negatives:

1) They're all different! So I'm playing Warhammer, my Dwarven army has just beaten the Dark Elves senseless. Matthew gets his Chaos Space Marines out for one last battle. This time on the 40k. Well imagine a system where your nice Medieval buildings can be swapped for something more gothic and present day in a matter of seconds!

2) They're expensive. We've all been in that situation where you desperately want something but can't have it. Hell. We'd all be battling in our epic castles with thousands of soldiers otherwise. But what happens if someone with enough experience in the plastic manufacturing market made them. The prices could halve.

3) They're not detailed. We understand that buildings designed by resin can look good but lack detail and structure and are a bit basic. Imagine if they were designed as one CAD model instead of by hand. There could be so much detail you wouldn't know where to start looking!

4) They're not easy to store and carry. Because not everyone has an epic gaming table in a dazzling games room. (or works in Games Workshop...)

5) They can't be changed.... Or can they?.. 

Here's the question we've aimed to answer. Why can't a medieval house not quickly be changed into something bigger and better. Imagine using the roof from one with the sides of another - imagine buying just a few new bits to make a whole new building range. Cheaper, more efficient and so much easier to take to your gaming club on a Friday night. Soon you can stop imagining. Welcome to a new era of wargaming. To be unveiled soon...

And while I'm here. He's a picture of our new 3D printer!

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