Wednesday 4 September 2013

Brand New 28mm Medieval Chapel and Medieval Cottage Set For Release!

Hey Guys, Sorry I haven't been able to blog for a while, but as you may have seen from Facebook and Twitter, it's all been pretty hectic here in the office. The highlight of our summer has been the recent progress of our Medieval Chapel and Cottage and hopefully you'll be as thrilled as we are when they're released later this month. 

The 28mm Chapel

Our initial idea was brought to life in March. After using a few medieval churches for inspiration, we came up with The Medieval Chapel. The texture of the stonework really brings the model to life and even for beginners, painting is an easy job. The kit contains seven separate panels, which can be built together and then taken apart again without the hassle of glue. We've even added benches, candles and a small alter for the interior design! The starting price is set to be around £22. Look out for it on our internet store in the next couple of weeks. 

A group of monks admire the decor of the Medieval Chapel.

The 28mm Cottage

Following on from the chapel is the 28mm Cottage. This is our smallest design as of yet, and is set to be launched late September/ early October for approximately £20. We love the astounding detail of the thatched roof on the cottage, really ensuring that it stands out on the wargames board. We've even gone as far as detailing the inside of the cottage with shelving and a pan rack. The kit once again contains seven highly detailed separate panels and can be built up without glue.

We love the texture of the Cottage. From the look of the thatched roof to the panels of wood.

As well as the Medieval Chapel and the Medieval Cottage we're delighted to announce that we're also currently working a number of other various designs for our 28mm Medieval Range which we're hoping to get out later this year. These include:-
-The Medieval Two-Storey House
-The Run-Down Two-Storey House
-The Small Inn

There's all sorts of exciting news in the office as we're getting a one in a kind custom made wargames board exclusively designed for us by the good people at Battleboards UK. This will be used so that we can provide professional pictures of all our products for packaging and advertising purposes and provide great shots of our scenery used in action. Here's a sneaky look of what we're expecting.

The new board is just one of the few exciting changes we've made at Tabletop Workshop, following a brand new logo and a totally different colour scheme. We've also added a load of changes to the website. We now have an online store, a gallery and a whole new look. Check it out at

As usual, we'll keep providing sneak peaks of whats to come on our Facebook and Twitter. Here, you can provide us with your invaluable input in the early design stages of our wargame scenery and follow the latest news from our office. 


  1. Any ETA on the inter-webz store? The chapel looks great. :)

  2. Medieval churches, chapels and cathedrals had no benches or seats for the congregation - people stood, knelt or sat on the floor - wealthy people might bring their own cushions. Seating was introduced long after the medieval period ended.

    English church buildings were constructed in a number of different styles, depending on the specific period within the medieval era. Saxon stone architecture was replaced by Norman (Romanesque), which evolved into Late Norman and Transitional, followed by English Gothic and its variants. The doors and windows of your chapel appear to be Romanesque, but windows of that period were generally very small and without glass, except in the largest cathedrals such as here in Canterbury.

    You probably mean "altar" - not alter.

  3. It looks like your company has folded. Set your *.stl's free!

    Let them out into the world where they can do some good!