Monday, 29 April 2013

New Designs and Lots of Grey Paint!

Hey guys,
              This Medieval Wargame Scenery village is taking over our lives at the minute. Anyway. The last time I updated this blog we had just produced a prototype of our model two-storey medieval house. We had great feedback for that so thank you to all who've been involved. Since then we've bought a load of paint, (we've already ran out of grey) and done a load more work. You'll be pleased to hear through all that hard work we're now in the position to show you some of our newer and improved stuff. Plus the paint makes the detail stand out that little bit more. 

The Medieval Chapel

After designing loads of everyday buildings we really needed something special to stand out in our medieval village range. The design is inspired by a combination of a variety of buildings with medieval stonework and even incorporates some of the local features from various North Yorkshire Churches. Inside, players can battle within a building that contains an enthralling amount of detail including benches, candles and even an alter! We love the stone texturing which combines perfectly with the keystones to make the building look as detailed as possible. It's perfect for medieval and sci-fi wargamers alike and fits well within any 28mm model wargame such as Games Workshop's Warhammer 40k and Warlord Games.

The Single-Storey Cottage 

The cottage was designed with something cheaper to be an alternative to the two-storey house however we still want it to be just as effective. Once we started playing with design ideas it really came into it's own. The cottage is paneled like the other buildings however is packed with detail. Shutters added to the windows are designed to add more detail to the building and make much more impact. Little wooden logs are added to hold up the roof which is fully thatched to give the item a medieval look! Something we're thrilled about as it makes painting it up that much easier. After all, not all of us are professional painters! 

Completing the Village

We're pleased to announce that we are currently in the process of completing the tooling for the Chapel. As soon as this tooling will be finished we will be able to sell for approximately £20. So it's an exciting time for us here at Tabletop Workshop. A full range of the ideas we are currently/ have plans to be working on is shown below:

-A Two-Storey House     
-A Cottage                       (As seen above) 
-The Chapel                    (As seen above)
-The Blacksmiths
-The Stables
-The Village Shop
-An Inn
-A Market Place
-Fortifications (Walls, Towers, Gatehouse...)
-1 exclusive further design from a contest winner voted for by you! Check out our Facebook page to find out more details about Tabletop Workshop's contests.

Above: Shots of the inn and the shop in development.

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1 comment:

  1. Wow. The chapel looks really really good! The structure looks great and the interior is very nice as well.

    However, it is way too small to be usable for me. I am looking for bigger buildings.

    Also I am not a fan of that you can see where the walls are "clicked" together (visible on the cottage and in the renders). I think this is unnecessary - why not just let the customer glue the edges together with no visible gaps?

    I don't use Facebook so my wish would be for a range of facades/fronts which can be connected to create rows of buildings.. like this for example. I think there's enough single buildings already (blacksmith's from Tabletop Word, Forge World, Grand Manner, etc) but I have never seen a proper concept for building many buildings, i.e. buildings a CITY. Maybe you'll be the ones to do just that and maybe with quality buildings too.

    I'll definately be watching your further development and try some buildings if I like them.

    Keep it up!