Wednesday, 13 March 2013

An Exclusive: Our New Unique War Game Scenery

Good morning world, 
       It's been a weird start to the week for Tabletop Workshop. Monday, we were all hit by a winter storm. Tuesday, we caused our own kind of storm by finally revealing our new Wargame scenery to the world. So that brings us to Wednesday, where the sun is shining (It's still freezing. Think positive) and I'm going to sit down and try and fully explain this unique concept. For us, the idea to develop our own  scenery came about late last year. How is it unique you may find yourself asking? Well there's only so much you can post on Facebook and Twitter so I'm about to explain...
      A few of us in the office are Wargame veterans. In previous blogs I've already spoken of my fascination for Warhammer 40k and The Lord of the Ring's Strategy Battle Game (or whatever it's referred to now.) So, when we all sat down last year to discuss moving more into the wargames scenery side of things we felt we had enough experience to make something that would really impress. But then it finally hit us. We didn't have the money to afford scenery when we were growing up! 
      Designs were discussed and eventually we came up with a solution. What if the gamer had the opportunity to buy parts of buildings rather than buildings? As the gamer only has to buy the parts he needs it's going to be cheaper for him. It'll also be cheaper for us as we don't have to keep churning out giant 3D structures hoping someones going to massively fork out to take it them our hands.

     So we set about designing these separate parts. Our idea was to bring a wide variety of highly detailed floors, walls and roofs that can easily be built up in whatever way the gamer wants. This enables them to have a new level of control over the buildings on their board. If you want a house, you can buy a house. If you want a manor house, you buy a house and a few more panels here and there, maybe even add a floor. It's cheap, it's efficient and you're in control of just how big you want the product to be. 

     There's no need for glue. For the first time, buildings can be built up and taken down. This enables them to be easily stored and easily changed. More importantly, the design gives gamers the freedom to make changes to their buildings. This is something which others don't offer. We know people have different armies, have different battles and even have different showcases. So why play with the same scenery? Instead, change your medieval house into a gothic ruined pub for a few more quid. We plan to experiment with further releases of different varieties and timescales of the parts. This experiment also includes a whole new interior set (staircases, interior walls. etc.) allowing the gamer to battle inside as well as outside. Roofs and walls can even be taken off during the battle so you can see inside to make your move.

    We're really excited about the flexibility of our design in comparison to those of others. We appreciate that wargamers have different armies and have a budget or else we'd all be playing in our massive Gaming Rooms in giant castles with thousands of soldiers. We see the idea as a lot cheaper and a lot more space efficient and we're going to paint one up and showcase it as soon as possible. 

   In the coming weeks we plan to touch up the detail on these medieval surfaces and prepare them for manufacture. If you have any questions you can follow us on our webpages, by joining our mailing list or following us on Facebook on Twitter. Don't forget. We also have a table at Salute on the 20th April so if you have any further questions or just want to come for a chat you can find us there! 


  1. what you guys should do is send out a few prototypes to a few different gaming groups and painters. I would like to hear what various groups have to say about it and what other painted can do with it before I considered adding it to my stuff.

  2. This is an idea we may look into. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Fantastic looking stuff. I hope I will be able to find your product in the U.S. soon.

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